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About Us

You Know She Likes Me - VOS


This info page gives you just a brief history of how Club Bounce came to be.


Club Bounce is a night club that caters to BBW (big beautiful women), BHM (big handsome men) and those who admire us. People of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, race and style come to Club Bounce to enjoy the accepting atmosphere, awesome music and good times! 


Club Bounce was created in June 2004 by Lisa Marie Garbo, who is an icon in the size acceptance community for creating this wonderful club for people of all sizes and walks of life to feel desired, loved and accepted.



Club Bounce is the #1 BBW night club in the world. We are here for you, the plus size community, on many levels. Lisa Marie's dream has come true in regards to helping people of all sizes change their lives for the better, to be more confident and happy in there every day lives no matter what size you are. Club Bounce has helped people of all sizes to realize we are NOT 2nd class citizens and we will not accept the discrimination that the media has put upon us.


The size acceptance movement has begun and Club Bounce is one of the largest stepping stones that has helped this happen.


Club Bounce is a night club of size acceptance, which means everyone 

is welcome! Big, small, short, tall, black, white, fat, skinny and 

everything in between. As soon as you walk in the Club you will know this to be true and you will feel the positive vibe and accepting atmosphere.

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