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Club Bounce Nightclub

About Us

Lisa Marie Garbo, Club Bounce Founder

Step into the origins of Club Bounce's journey!


Established in June 2004, Club Bounce is the world's #1 premier BBW nightclub that embraces BBW (big beautiful women), BHM (big handsome men), and their admirers. It's a place where individuals of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, races, and styles gather to experience the inclusive atmosphere, great music, and positive energy!


Club Bounce founder, Lisa Marie Garbo, is an icon in the size acceptance community. Her creation provides a haven where individuals of all sizes and backgrounds can experience feelings of desire, love, and acceptance.


Our commitment to the plus-size community is significant, touching lives on various levels. Lisa Marie's vision has blossomed into reality, empowering individuals of all sizes to enhance their confidence and happiness, regardless of their size. At Club Bounce, we stand united against media discrimination, affirming that we refuse to be treated as second-class citizens.


The size acceptance movement is underway, and Club Bounce stands as one of its significant catalysts.


Club Bounce is a hub of size acceptance, where all are embraced! Whether big or small, short or tall, black or white, fat or skinny and everything in between, everyone is welcome. The moment you step inside, you'll feel the positive energy and inclusive ambiance - It's a VIBE!

Lisa Marie Garbo, join the fight against size discrimination
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